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General Information

....Residencies are an opportunity for a group or organization to benefit from a storyteller for a more extended period of time. Most of the time in a school setting, residencies are also an option for a community organization. 

Though always entertaining, residencies are predominately planned to be educational. When scheduling a residency, to make it a more effective learning experience, keep the following factors in mind. (These are best case scenarios, flexibility in some areas are possible) 

Multi-day, week-long, or multi-week residencies can be arranged. 

In a residency, up to six classes a day can be held with each class meeting every day. 

The number of participants in each residency class can be anywhere from 5 - 30, with 10 - 20 being the optimal number. 

Class Lengths 

Kindergarten - Grade 2 30 minutes each day Grades 3 and up for at least 45 minutes up to one hour. (longer if necessary in Grades 7 - Adult). 

Class Settings/Environments 

Classrooms, auditoriums, stages, etc. 

Space should be free (as possible) of noise and visual distractions A board or chart for writing is useful. 

Younger children (K - Gr. 2) are comfortable sitting on the floor or in chairs, but older students should have a seat and a writing surface if possible. 

Teachers should plan to remain with their class. When seeing the teacher eagerly participating, the students realize the importance, value, and fun of this residency. Teachers will not only see the student's reactions, but will learn along with their students and will be able to follow up on the residency utilizing the learned skills throughout the year and carry over the ideas into future years. (Teachers should also remain for legal reasons in case of emergencies) 

Artist/Instructor will need at least 5 - 10 minutes between each class. (15 minutes between classes is too much.) Would like to have a 30 minute planning/research period and at least 45 minutes for lunch. If planning period is not feasible, try to schedule a 1 hour lunch time. 


Some of the Basic Skills Taught in All Residencies: 


  • Different methods of learning a story, whether written or oral 
  • Ways to overcome nervous habits while telling 
  • Correct posture and stance for telling 
  • Speaking and Breathing Techniques 
  • How to use storytelling in everyday life 
  • Where to find and adapt, or write, stories for telling

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