Build your boat

The first question most people ask is “how much does a boat cost and how do I pay for it?” In our experience the materials to build and outfit a BBRL boat, incorporating marine quality materials and with a commercially made sail is less than $1,200. Many people offset their investment in the boat by forming small “teams” with other individuals or families. Sometimes they even bring their own sponsorship!

We’re here to help!

While you can certainly build the boat on your own, a BBRL associated build may save you money by affording you the opportunity to have some of the components of your boat sponsored and made available to you at a deep discount.  Sign up to be kept informed of upcoming Boat Building Events!

Let’s get going!

Once you are ready to go, we can help you source the materials for you build. The league’s founders include several experienced boatbuilders who are enthusiastic about helping you get started on you project. After you buy your plans, we can help you get going on your build and may have a few tricks and tips to speed up your process. The Goose is a very easy boat to build, just requiring a willingness to learn a few techniques and the determination to finish the project. It is an idea project for an individual, family or even a small corporate team. In the near future we hope to even have a sponsored location where you can build your boat! Once you’ve finished your boat, you may want to stay on the building team to help others build their boats as we grow the fleet.

As we add sponsors, resources and group building opportunities, we will update our website and social media pages, so stay tuned!


No Experience necessary!

After you’ve got your boat built, we’ll help get you comfortable sailing it both as crew and skipper. During racing events, you can race solo or with a crew, or if you don’t feel comfortable with that yet, as crew on yours or someone else’s boat. During the season we organize at least two events each month with one of them focused on getting you some sailing experience.

As we add sponsors, resources and group building opportunities, we will update our website and social media pages, so stay tuned!

Image courtesy Michael Storer



Round the buoys!

Our races tend to be formal enough to make sure that everybody plays by the rules and is safe, but informal enough that everyone has a great time on the water. 


Everybody Has fun!

Our racers and crews come from all experience levels, so don’t be intimidated by the word “racing.” While everyone tries to give it their best performance, and some take it more seriously than others, most of us just love being on the water and “racing” just gives us an excuse to be there enjoying our boats with like minded folks.